Cooperative School


As a cooperative school we are run and maintained by our members (parent participation) and Board (parent volunteers). Parents are welcome to volunteer in the classroom. Parent volunteers are required to complete a Criminal Reference Check (CRC) with Vulnerable Sector Screening, and hand in a copy of their up to date immunization record. The school will provide the documentation required to request these checks. Children not enrolled in the school (i.e. siblings) MAY NOT be brought to school on volunteer days (as dictated by insurance and licensing).

We ask that you consider a position on our Board.  The Board meets via video conference approximately every month.  These individuals work along side the teachers and bookkeeper to vote on decisions that are impacting the school now and for the foreseeable future. Board members are required to complete a criminal reference check to participate. The Executive Positions are as follows:


  • Director, Officer of Board of Directors
  • Heads the executive and provides a tie-breaking vote when necessary
  • Works closely with teachers, general membership and landlord (church)
  • Acts as Public Relations Officer for the school
  • Plans, organizes, directs and presides at all executive and general meetings
  • Criminal reference check required
  • Could co sign cheques
  • Has signing authority


  • Voting position, Director, Officer of Board of Directors
  • Aids and assists the President
  • Assumes duties of the President in his/her absence
  • Records meeting minutes if Secretary is unable to attend
  • Has signing authority
  • Prepares, distributes and tabulates results of BBNS parent evaluation
  • Attends all Executive and General Meetings
  • Criminal reference check required


  • Voting position, Director, Officer of Board of Directors
  • Records and distributes minutes of Executive and General Meetings
  • Composes and types school correspondence, notices, amendments, etc. as requested
  • Assists the President and Vice President in any administrative duties for the school
  • Has signing authority for documents and bank (along with Treasurer and President)
  • Criminal reference check required


  • Voting position, Director, Officer of Board of Directors
  • Liaises with the Book Keeper 
  • Could co sign cheques
  • Sends monthly fee reminders by email 
  • Contacts families for over due fees
  • Reviews financial records 
  • Attends all Executive and General Meetings
  • Criminal reference check required

Registrar (Julie Van Nispen)

  • Voting position, Director, Attends all Executive and General meetings
  • Keeps a record of all contact information, consent forms, health information & payment records of all members in computer file and files at BBNS; Records to be kept for 10 years
  • Responsible for ensuring all member information is complete and current
  • Keeps and processes a waiting list of persons seeking membership
  • Responsible for application forms and providing information about co-op to new members
  • Responsible for yearly registration meeting
  • Criminal reference check required

Newsletter Coordinator

  • Knowledgeable in computers
  • Compiles newsletter information given by teachers quarterly
  • Non-voting, non executive position

Website Coordination

  • Non-voting, non-executive position

Responsible for the development and maintenance of the school’s website, including regular updates and improvements