Cooperative School


A co-operative nursery school is a non-profit organization of parents who have come together in order to set up and maintain a nursery school for their children.

It is because of parental effort and participation that fees are lower than a private nursery school, ensuring more parents can afford a preschool experience for their children. Without your participation, we cannot offer these low rates.

More importantly, a co-op emphasizes social interaction for parents/guardians from within a large area. Bouncing Ball Co-operative Nursery School was set up not only to provide a preschool educational and social experience for children, but to give opportunity for parents to experience the school program along with their children.

Parents/guardians can participate as regular volunteers in the school program as helpers to the trained staff at a lower fee. The duty days, are scheduled in advance.  All duty parent must provide a clear annual criminal reference check (including a clear vulnerable screen) and updated, valid immunization record.  Due to licensing requirements siblings are not allowed to attend during duty days.

At the start of each school year, it is the responsibility of each parent/guardian to accept a position on a committee, regardless of whether they are duty or non-duty. Members must participate in the committee as requested throughout the year. All members are also encouraged to run for a position on the Executive Committee, to help with the running of the school and heading up the various committees.

Each year there are also a small number of non-duty spots available for families unable to participate in duty. Non-duty spots for the morning programs are on a first come first served basis, with the first 6 completed and returned registration packages being guaranteed a non-duty spot. All spaces in the afternoon program are Non- duty spots.