Bouncing Ball Nursery School

established 1979

Thanks to our amazing community our classes for 2024/2025 school year are full. If interested in being apart of the waitlist please contact the school.Read More

  • Date: 18/04/2024 10:38 AM - 30/04/2024 10:32 AM
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Bouncing Ball Co-Operative Day Nursery School is licensed by the Ministry of Education, supported by the County of Simcoe and inspected by the Innisfil Fire Department and Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide your child with an environment that meets their physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs and to foster an ongoing love of learning.

Our Vision
We envision a bright, clean, friendly and nurturing environment where a variety of learning and experiential areas inside and outside the classroom offer children the opportunity to play independently as well as in small and larger groups. Each child is appreciated as an individual while learning to participate constructively as a member of our classroom.

Our Staff and School
Classes are kept to a low student/teacher ratio. Our experienced Registered Early Childhood Educator, qualified Assistants work along side one another during the program.

We are licensed and inspected yearly by the Ministry of Education, Health Department, Fire Department and County of Simcoe.

We are located just minutes out of Barrie, Ontario in the town of Stroud, Ontario. Contact us today!
  • 2230 Victoria Street West, Innisfil, ON, Canada
  • St. James United Church

We feel that our Nursery School provides children/families that do not need full time care, an ideal opportunity to attend preschool. For many of the children it is the first time that they are leaving their parents and/or being left in the care of someone outside of their family.  We have developed an enjoyable, engaging environment that children can interact alongside their peers.  Being aware of how the day is planned allows for consistency, self-regulation, minimizes negative behaviors and promotes general well being.  Children have the opportunity to build on relationships with their peers and teachers, learning social skills/ vocabulary, which are a part of the classroom routine.  Staff role-model appropriate social skills throughout the day to support learning and growth.
The Nursery School is licensed for children 2.4 years of age (28 months) to 5 years of age.
As the Nursery School has always been an inclusive centre, we have had many children of varying needs attend the School.  We suggest to parents to speak with the teachers about their concerns of their child starting School.  We believe that attending Nursery School helps all children in following a school routine, learning strategies to communicate/self regulate and what to do around their peers.  The Nursery School is supported by a Resource Teacher who is a liaison for accessing various supports and helps with the transition to Elementary School.
Children do not need to be toilet trained to attend the School.  Parents are asked to keep a spare diaper/pull up and clothes in their child’s bag.  Teachers will change a child if necessary during the class time.  They will also give your child assistance in the bathroom.
A co-operative nursery school is a non-profit organization of parents who have come together in order to set up and maintain a nursery school for their children.  It is because of parental effort and participation that fees are lower than a private nursery school, ensuring more parents can afford a preschool experience for their children. Without your participation, we cannot offer
these low rates.

More importantly, a co-op emphasizes social interaction for parents/guardians from within a large area. Bouncing Ball was set up not only to provide a preschool educational and social experience for children, but also to give opportunity for parents to experience the school program along with their children. Bouncing Ball is committed to effective communication with families.

Parents/guardians can choose to participate as regular volunteers in the school program as helpers to the trained staff. The duty days, scheduled in advance, MUST be adhered to in order for the school to operate.
All Duty parents must have returned their criminal reference check and be in good standing, before their first duty day.

Parents that would like to attend the field trips must also have completed a criminal reference check (CRC) with vulnerable sector screening. The Ministry of Education requires that the CRC include the vulnerable sector component and be less than 6 months old.

The Nursery School teachers have the forms required to complete a volunteer criminal reference check with vulnerable sector. Parents are required to take the completed form, along with 2 pieces of identification to their local police department. Each Police Department has their own costs/time lines associated with the process. It can take up to 6 weeks for a criminal reference check to be completed. In Barrie a volunteer CRC, is currently free and in Innisfil there is a $15 charge.
You may have your vaccine information on your ‘immunization yellow card' from when you were a child.  You may also be able to access this information from your doctor’s office or the Health unit in the area you attended Elementary School. If you are unsure if you are up to date with your vaccinations and/or, if you cannot find this information your doctor can send you for blood work to see if you are immune.
Duty parents are asked for the documentation to say they received the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine.  This is typically given at 1 year of age.  The diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccines (DTaP) are given every 10 years including in to adulthood. Documentation to say that you have received this within the last 10 years is required.
We recommend that you make an appointment to come for a tour, as the Supervisor is also one of the teachers in the classroom. This allows us to work out a visit time that is mutually agreeable.
We suggest coming for a tour and meeting the teachers to see if Bouncing Ball is right for you and your child! Please ask questions to see if you are comfortable with us.