Helpful Links

Bouncing Ball Cooperative Nursery School aims to foster your child's love of learning through diverse programming, stimulating and educational activities and regular interaction with both the students in the classroom and their parents.  We recognize that every student learns differently and at his/her own pace, therefore we aim to meet students needs through a variety of techniques and open communication.

As your child’s first (and foremost educator) you may find the following links of use.  

The Nipissing District Developmental Screen (ndds) is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting optimal child development.  They have partnered with the Ontario Government to offer a free checklist that:

  • Providing a simple, affordable checklist that assists in the early identification of delays. 
  • Providing suggestions and activities that foster age appropriate development. 
  • Offering support and education on the use of the ndds. 
  • Making the ndds available to diverse populations.

The Simcoe County Early Intervention Services system provides young children with special needs and their families with a wide range of services and supports to help them develop to their fullest potential.  We support the early identification and treatment of infants and young children with special needs up to six (6) years old, or those who may be at risk of experiencing barriers to development, who live in Simcoe County.

Best Start: Ontario's Maternal Newborn and Early Child Development Resource Centre supports service providers across the province of Ontario working on health promotion initiatives to enhance the health of expectant and new parents, newborns and young children.