We combine a variety of activities to support and nurture different ages and skill levels to prepare your child for their school years ahead!


You can choose either a 2 or 3 day program (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday) 9:00 – 11:45 am

Our classes are structured for children’s various levels, from those who may be entering preschool for the first time to those who may have just missed the age criteria to be enrolled in kindergarten.  Emphasis is placed on following school routines to foster independence, while continuing to promote learning through play. Additional structure and emphasis on academics are introduced as the students progress in the classroom.

Children will have the opportunity to learn to share, co-operate and problem solve with the teachers and their peers which are an essential part of school preparedness.  Fine motor skills, preschool concepts and name recognition are incorporated into the weekly programming.  Exploring new interests and love of learning are fostered through many diverse activities.

Here are some examples of how Bouncing Ball Cooperative Nursery School fosters your children's love of learning:

Cognitive: Thinking skills are developed by puzzles, memory games, circle time, problem solving, games, songs, creative play, Jolly Phonics and many more activities.

Fine Motor:  Developed through cutting, gluing, painting, writing, small toy manipulation, playdough, finger-plays and so much more.

Gross motor:  Activities include dancing, jumping, hopping and action songs.

Social/Emotional:  Self-esteem and confidence are developed by playing with peers, co-operative games, sharing and taking turns.

Language:  Vocabulary and sentence structure are improved by participating in conversations with peers and teacher, pretend play, listening to stories and learning theme-related vocabulary.

For registration details, please see our registration page.  If you wish to contact the school, please find our information in contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!